Push, Pull, Squat, and Sprint

This is the most basic yet successful program I can offer you. The justification appears throughout the articles. I present only the application here and avoid discussing the theories behind it.

Its simple nature makes it far more effective than complex programs. It works for all goals and develops complete fitness. Your limitations in progress will come from factors beyond the program itself.

Apply this routine 1-3 times per week on non-consecutive days. Perform the workout as often as possible, but reduce the frequency after failing to improve for a few workouts in a row. Make sure that your diet, sleep, and health are adequate before making this change. Many can settle upon 1-2 times a week for a lifetime.


Walk for 5-15 minutes. Avoid exerting yourself but try to break a sweat.


Warm-up with 50% of your target weight on the barbell bench press for 8 reps. After 1-5 minutes of rest, go for at least 8 reps with the heaviest weight you can handle to positive failure. If you achieve 8 or more reps, go up 1-5 pounds the next workout.

After another short rest, repeat this same process with the barbell squat and then again with the dumbbell row.

Over time, you can choose a rep goal under or above 8 based on personal preference.


Finish by sprinting with a sled using intervals for 3-5 minutes.

You could also consider stairclimbing or any free weight option that uses lots of muscle and plenty of movement. Sprinting works best and most safely though as long as it is resisted.

Set distance and weight goals to reach for each cycle. Once you hit the same pace on all intervals during a workout, cover more distance or add weight the next time.

Make sure you move fast enough to emphasize raising the heart rate. Too much resistance will shift the limiting factors away from endurance.

A Complete, Simple, and Efficient Fitness Routine

The best methods and the best style of training will produce best-possible results in ALL cases, regardless of what individual potential may be in a particular case.

– Arthur Jones

This plan embodies the sum of my knowledge. It is simple yet thorough, brief yet effective, and functional yet safe. You will become strong, muscular, and in your best shape if you aim to improve with this routine.

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