Do not regret what you have done.

– Miyamoto Musashi

Growing up, I played football and basketball along with sprinting through track and field. Though I had success, I got injured often. My shoulders dislocated more than several times.

During football in my freshman year of high school, I tore my ACL. I quickly had my knee rebuilt and started physical therapy. I assumed a speedy recovery.

I never returned, having problems with my surgery, developing pain along with a lack of strength. I felt frustrated throughout the rest of high school, withdrawing from most activities.

Early in life, I expected myself to be an athlete. It kept me busy and gave me a sense of purpose. Through this experience though, I came to realize that my real passion was for the preparation taking place in the gym, not the sports themselves.

Despite embracing my love for bodybuilding, I stopped training consistently until college. After sulking for long enough, I knew I still wanted to improve, if just for its own sake. I had the time and the will to learn.

Learning Anew

I took coursework in exercise physiology throughout college. Afterwards, I briefly enrolled in a Master’s program for biomechanics but decided not to pursue it. I was then a personal trainer for close to a decade.

I learned the most though by reading and experimenting on my own.

The fitness industry thrives on trends. It pushes for novelty, entertainment, and the promise of quick results.

The real issue is that most of us do not know what we want, so we dabble instead of choosing specific goals.

Training & Life Today

I used to follow a general, minimalist routine with no clear purpose for my training. I now focus on natural bodybuilding to enjoy much more success. I can teach you how to train hard but well, getting better results while staying safe and natural.

My struggles led me to create this blog. I immersed myself in reading, writing, digital marketing, and web development, all which have become my primary interests beyond fitness. If you choose the right point of view, the challenges we face in our lives can happen for a reason.

I want to help people like my past self. I know how it feels to fall short. I hope the content here can guide you as I wish it could have guided me.

Ryan Lingenfelser